Well-Deserved Respite Retreat for Families with Children with Special Needs

Snowy Mountains creekWe are a large family owned and operated lodge, located in the heart of Kosciusko National Park.

This summer, our dedicated and devoted Snowy Gums team would love to make our dream a reality by running a respite retreat with families with children with special needs.

Our staff with the assistance of parents, will run a variety of fun, family-orientated daily activities each day and night.

Some of these include: bushwalks, picnics, bubble soccer, guided tours, canoeing, scavenger hunts and much, much more!

Lake JindabyneCome join us to relax, explore and create long lasting memories here at Snowy Gums with your family.

Meet other families to build lasting friendships and support for both you and your family.

Call (02) 64575365 or email info@snowygums.com.au and book early, as only limited availability.

special needs families are welcome at Snowy Gums